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Image shows the reception desk at Tanatomy with blue and white balloons on the desk.


Vibration Training: Welcome

We now have the ultimate piece of exercise equipment in our Dunstable salon; the power plate. Offering a full-body workout, the Oscill-8 vibration training plate, when accompanied by exercise, can help you to burn fat and improve your core muscles.
All Tanatomy staff are fully trained on how to use it and can help men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes to get the most out of it. Our staff can advise on any queries or concerns you may have,

Image shows the Oscill-8 power plate in Tanatomy.
Image shows the Tanatomy storefront in Luton.

There are several benefits to vibration training including:


  • Good for toning

  • Could improve circulation

  • May reduce body fat

  • Could strengthen core muscles

  • May result in additional health benefits

  • Boost your confidence and feel better about yourself

Vibration training is most useful when repeated sessions are booked.

Vibration Training: Services

"The ladies are so lovely in tanatomy. So welcoming. The lady had only seen me once and remembered my name. Things like that go a long way. They also care and advise regarding your skin tone how long they think I should go on when you first start going. Highly recommend for the beds and how lovely the ladies are."

Vibration Training: Reviews


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